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I believe in LOVE and LEADERSHIP. I’m very proud of the fact that I achieved the highest rank possible in my Network Marketing Company in just 11 months. I am currently in the top 1% income earners in Network Marketing and one of the top five earners and a top team builder in my company as well. I was recently recognized by my company and earned a place on their “Wall of Influence” as a seven figure income earner. The level of excitement, the full heart and soul, and mostly the relationships I have because of Younique are priceless. When you see your efforts rewarded and others being rewarded for theirs, your “WHY” starts to become a reality. You quickly begin to realize that everything you do, all that you have, all the short term sacrifice, for lifelong gain, was worth every moment!

“Love ’em and Lead ’em”

I find that people look toward a Network Marketing, Direct Sales or a Party Plan type business for many different reasons.  Maybe you are looking:haleywwmtextpic
For time freedom
To make a difference
For financial freedom
For a PLAN B
To work for yourself
To leave a legacy
For flexibility
For travel
For tax deductions
To fulfill an entrepreneurial passion
Personally, I wanted all these things.  I wanted them and I have them.  I have them now because I focused on building a business with Younique.  No matter what your reason is, I will help you craft a plan based on your goals and lifestyle.  Wouldn’t it be incredible to achieve any or all of these things simply by sharing our beautifully crafted, high-end cosmetics and skincare and by empowering and mentoring others to do the same?  It’s more than possible.  It is probable.
I wanted to live a life I love.  I wanted to live it with my family.  I wanted to turn my passion into a career.  I’ve found it.  If you want that too, I can help you.  Now, I want to show YOU how.  I have the plan, you bring the passion.
DON’T WORRY! You do not have to quit your job.  You do not have to be a “sales person”.  There are no hidden fees, inventory or non-disclosed requirements.If you have questions, I love to connect with people that are interested and to make sure they feel comfortable.  Lets talk and see if my company is a good fit for you.  You can email me directly at YouniqueHaley@Gmail.com or you can click here to complete a CONTACT ME form.If you’re ready, allow me to sponsor you directly into the business by clicking the START YOUR OWN BUSINESS button below.