Although I’ve always thought tarnished silver was beautiful, I guess it was about 4 years ago when my obsession really started!

I had a couple of these trays laying around and when we purchased our second vacation home in Vegas in 2012, there was a black wall in the dining room so I thought… “PERFECT! I’ll hang them there!”

And that’s when it all started! Nearly all of my trays are from thrift stores (I LOVE THRIFTING), some are gifts but I really enjoy finding them myself. In April Of 2015 we bought a new home in Vegas and it had a huge wall that I immediately painted BLACK with big plans to grow!

Within a couple months it had grown into this beautiful collection!

Then this and so on! You can’t imagine how happy this made me every time I opened my front door! Our guests loved it too and many members of my team would take selfies in front of it! It wasn’t long before my beautiful wall of trays had its own hashtag (I just looked for the # and couldn’t find it 😔).

Now, I paid $15 for one of these trays but that is the most expensive one on my wall. Most were in the $0-$6 range at local thrift stores and garage sales! Some were gifts.

On September 1st, 2017 we sold our home in Vegas and I brought all my trays (about 70 now) back to Alaska to hang at #MountMagnificent! When we built our new home I made sure we would have just the right place to display my collection! Stay tuned because it’s going to truly be MAGNIFICENT!