I prioritize knowing yourself as one of the top ways to move forward in life and grow as a person at an accelerated pace.

Recently, I shared the graphic below with my team.

I know no one’s personality could be summed up by such a simple graphics, but it’s the perfect jump start into exploring more about your personality and personalities in general. If you can better understand your loved ones, do you think that could be helpful too?

For example… I’m RED/BLUE. The Hubs is GREEN/YELLOW. If I worked on incorporating some of the traits in the yellow category into my personality that would probably make our communication even better. And understanding that I need to slow down to give him time to research before making a decision is helpful for him. When we are vacationing or visiting friends I can’t get upset when he needs downtime and I want to keep going! It’s in our DNA!

A couple of popular and more in-depth personality tests are the Enneagram and this test from 16 Personalities

Once you know and understand yourself – you are free to grow, grow, grow and focus on the things that will make you great.

Haley Ragsdale
P.S. Did you take the test? Did the result resonate with you? Share in the comments.