Maybe you’re feeling down because your business isn’t taking off the way you thought or the goal that you set at the beginning of the year still seems very out of reach. You’ve probably asked yourself “Why?”

Here’s a better question:

“Are you obsessed?”

Maybe it’s because you’re not OBSESSED. I can say that the first two years of my Younique biz I was obsessed with it. If yours isn’t growing the way you would like, are you obsessed?

Conor McGregor says it best…

Once you decide to become obsessed with your goals and obsessed with your business – nothing will be able to stop you.

So, how do you just become obsessed?….

  1. Create a vision and sell yourself on it. After you dream up what you want take the time to completely sell yourself and get excited about what you’re about to embark on.
  2. Put it in plain sight. Seeing your goals and even writing them down daily is necessary to keep the fire burning. This is how you stay obsessed. If your vision and goals are out of sight and out of mind your chances of success are slim.
  3. Protect your confidence. If you want to maintain your focus and stay obsessed it’s important to silence the naysayers – they snatch your confidence and could even make you question whether this was a good idea in the first place.


What have you chosen to be obsessed with lately?


Haley Ragsdale